Toolboxes & Dogboxes

Complete your hobbies, DYIs, and constructions projects with ease with the organization toolboxes provide from Omni Garage. Customize your tools with dividers and trays while also making it quicker for you to get what you need. With many options for added security and protection against wear and tear, storage for your tools is a must-have for a more organized workspace. Have your dog join you on trips safely with our premium selection of dogboxes specifically designed for use in a truck bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of truck toolboxes and dogboxes include heightened security for your truck and tools, prolonged tool lifespans, better space efficiency, enhanced organization, and a smoother look for your truck bed. There’s a reason why pickup toolboxes are so popular among truck drivers.

While truck toolboxes are a great way to upgrade your ride, they aren't necessarily for everyone. Potential drawbacks include the cost, increased weight, and space they take up. However, the cost of a toolbox pales in comparison to what it would cost to replace your valuable tools. In regard to weight, the majority of toolboxes will only add about 50 to 200 pounds, which is negligible in most cases. If you have large, bulky equipment in your truck bed, you may not always have space for a truck toolbox. However, they usually wind up saving space by organizing tools efficiently. If you’ve been thinking about getting a truck toolbox, the right one will likely help you more than it will hinder you.

The different types of toolboxes for trucks include crossover/saddle boxes, topsider toolboxes, wheel well/pork chop/ fender well toolboxes, truck storage drawers, side mount toolboxes, chest toolboxes, trailer/tongue chest toolboxes, and 5th wheel toolboxes.