Underseat Storage Box

Frequently Asked Questions

For vehicle owners who don’t have a trailer or truck bed, underseat cargo boxes can be huge space savers. Underseat cargo boxes introduce a means of carrying tools, hunting gear, and luggage. If you do own a truck, but could still use additional storage space, a quality underseat cargo box can double as a truck gear box. Here you can store any leftover valuables that couldn’t fit into the truck bed.

Husky Liner Under Seat Storage Boxes make the most of the space in your vehicle, increasing storage capacity for future adventures. Husky Liners also carries behind-the-seat storage boxes to make use of even the thinnest crevices of your vehicle’s interior. The durable polyethylene construction of Husky Liner Gearboxes for cars renders them built to last. They’ll be able to endure all kinds of wear and tear for years to come.

Many underseat storage boxes and gearboxes come with a lock for extra security. Lock up expensive tools, hunting equipment, and other valuables on the go with these heavy-duty pick-resistant security solutions. A vehicle equipped with the right accessories for interior protection will allow you to protect not only the vehicle itself, but the belongings inside of it too. Enjoy good gear and peace of mind throughout your travels!