Winches & Hoists

When you need to pull a heavy load, Omni Garage has all your towing needs with winches, hoists, replacement parts and accessories. Ranging from stretching wire fence to moving heavy equipment, winches and hoists can do it all. The most popular type are electric powered ones that have a powerful motor to wind or unwind the rope needed to haul consistently. Manual ones are available for hauls that are needed in smaller-scale applications or for more precise control. With winches and hoists from the top-rated brands such as Warn, Smittybilt, Superwinch, and more, Omni Garage provides the reliable support you need when pulling large hauls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winches for off-roading vehicles offer more precision, control, and greater length than straps, by about 70 feet on average. Winches can provide a little more control than the yanking motion used with a strap. Straps require more throttle and aggression, which can cause damage on rough trails if the wrong part is dragged over rocks or tree stumps. You could also run into the issue of not having enough space for the rig to pull the stuck vehicle. With a quality winch, you’ll be able to cover more ground and overcome greater obstacles.

Off-road winches can be a godsend while out traversing the wilderness. They provide more room to push rigs out of a jam and also help keep tires on the ground. Winches for off-roading vehicles offer more precision and control over these situations.

Overall, winches are your best bet to get out of sticky situations while overlanding. These include recovery from rollovers, pulling at extreme angles, and getting out of a rut when riding solo. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty winch with spur-gear reduction and smooth line control, Superwinch has a line of winches for exactly that. These rugged, high-performing winches will help you build your truck or jeep into one of the best overlanding vehicles on the terrain!