Aries 13-15 rav 4 ss nerf bars

  • By Aries
  • Model #202018-2


$171.00 SAVE: $10.01

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Among some of their other features, such as carbon steel construction and custom, non-skid step pads, ARIES 3 in. side bars have a special powder coat and E-coat finish. Whats that youre saying to yourself? Who cares? Listen here, pilgrim, this superpower tag team of coatings means better protection against scratches, chipping, salt, UV-rays, moisture and seasonal bear attacks. That means you wont have to worry yourself sick about ruining the finish on your side bars. And that means there is nothing stopping you from taking your truck out any time, day or night, in any kind of weather. Apology accepted.

Limited Lifetime Warranty (One-Year Parts)

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